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Tips on giving your car more power

For many men, having a sporty and powerful car is a dream. If you are also one of those people who long for this but are stuck with a car that just came with factory standards, there is hope. You can actually upgrade your car with aftermarket parts that can give it the extra power it needs to give you the satisfaction you want.

Upgrading the engine

The engine of your car has many areas that can be red car considered for an upgrade. You can get the Camaro SS Ported Throttle Body if you own this car which will make a whole lot of difference to the power you feel when your feet touch the accelerator. What this upgrade does is allow more fuel to enter the combustion chamber which in turn will ignite and produce more pressure.

Turbochargers are another great addition to your engine upgrade. These devices use the energy of the engine’s exhaust gasses and compress them before releasing them back into the engine. Since more air is forced into the chamber the output power increases.

Air filters

Every engine requires two things to operate. Fuel and air. Without these two elements, the combustion cannot happen, and the car will not run. Naturally, the purer the fuel and air, the hotter the combustion. Having a high-quality air filter can help deliver cleaner air to the engine. Most cars come off the assembly line with standard ones which are made for average running. But if you want a boost, you should get a filter that is designed for performance. They often allow more air to pass through while still trapping any debris. Some air filters can also heat the air before it flows into the engine so that cold weather does not hamper the engine efficiency.

Ground clearance

black car The higher the distance between the road and your car, the more difficult it will be to control. While some vehicle requires more for offroad driving, if you want more power on the road, you should look for ways to reduce the distance between your car and the ground. There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first would be to use shock absorbers that lower the car and the second is to use low profile tires. Another option would be to add side skirting that will help reduce the air flow under the vehicle which in turn reduces the resistance.